When asked about how she came to live in Ithaca, New York, Carol Bushberg responds with a smile, “I am a local cultural stereotype – I came to Ithaca to study at Cornell, and never left!”

Born in Verona, New Jersey, Carol moved to Ithaca and graduated in 1979 with a B.S. from the NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. In 1986, Carol left plants and soil science behind, and pivoted towards a career in real estate sales. It was a good decision. Over 30 years later, Carol is now the Broker/Owner of Carol Bushberg Real Estate. Founded at the start of the 2009 Great Recession (which raised some eyebrows) this intentionally small and dynamic real estate firm has thrived for over a decade.

Carol’s unflagging advocacy to her clients and her attention to detail has elevated Carol Bushberg Real Estate into a local industry leader, often ranking third in gross sales behind real estate companies that are 10x the size.  At Carol Bushberg Real Estate, we are pleased to offer “Sound advice for Big Decisions.”

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